About us

History of SAMPE Switzerland

SSC was founded in 1985 by initiative Swiss people by former US SAMPE members; it fulfils the demands of an association according to Swiss laws. From the beginning it has been a challenge to cross the language border, especially between the Romandie and the German part of Switzerland; our official language within SSC though is English.
The main interest of our members concentrates still on fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). Nevertheless we are open for any kind of advanced materials and processes like ceramics, metallic composites, surface engineering, additive manufacturing, computer modeling and simulation, often related in a way to transportation industry (from railroad to spacecraft). Networking on a technical but also on a social basis is one of our most important goals. Many of our members have also strong ties to other engineering or materials oriented associations.
On the international level our members have always been keen to play an active role; special merit has been attained by the conference organization within SAMPE Europe. On the basis of the new by-laws of SAMPE Europe (1999) we have applied in June 2000 for the granting of a charter for an official Swiss SAMPE Chapter (SSC).

SAMPE Bodies

Headquarters of SAMPE is in the US, represented by the International President resp. the International Board. In Europe we elect a SAMPE Europe President for a period of two years, followed as his successor by the Vice President (normally of another country).
In the SAMPE Europe Board the executive body of six officers is completed by the national delegates of the different SAMPE country associations.
The Swiss SAMPE Chapter (SSC) has a board of atleast three people, namely the president, the vice president and the treasurer, who is assisted by two controllers. Our organizational rules are governed by the SSC By-Laws.

Organization and Events of Swiss SAMPE Chapter

In SSC we focus our activities on two meetings a year; the official membership meeting in fall includes the reports of the treasurer and the controllers.
These meetings are currently organized together with an industrial company or an academical institute, giving thus the opportunity to catch first hand information on relevant topics of our members. Besides, we have a formal part for SSC affairs and an active network of members. Our aim is to support career and technology developments in Switzerland.

International Level

Swiss SAMPE members are very active on international conferences. In spring the SAMPE European conference is organized in Paris and the annual European technical conferences in locations across Europe with regular Industrial and scientific contributions from Switzerland.
In the students conference which precedes the international conference we have normally a delegation of two young people, achieving often outstanding results with their well prepared presentations.
Currently we have two SAMPE Fellows; Prof. Urs Meier and Prof. Dr. Paolo Ermanni.



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