Winners 33rd International Sampe Europe Students Seminar

Published on: Thursday 27 September 2018

Paul Van der Sypt and Alice Lamaro proud winners of the 33rd International Sampe Europe Students Seminar Southampton 2018

Paul VAN DER SYPT and Alice LAMARO shone during the student competition of SAMPE EUROPE 2018 which has just taken place in Southampton (UK) on September 11th. In total 15 students from 11 European countries and the USA presented their projects.

French PhD. Student Paul VAN DER SYPT has won the competition on all fronts: Poster, Attitude and above all his Presentation and has been proclaimed European Champion 2018. Swiss Alice LAMARO from ETH Zürich was the best Master student.

The next European Students Seminar will take place September 2018 in Southampton, UK. The Seminar as such is on invitation only. Posters of the presentations given by participants of the Students Seminar were shown at the Sampe Europe Conference and heavily discussed during the breaks.

Organizing Committee and Jury

Christian Weimer & Charlotte Salaün (Coördinators)
Members: Matthias Geistbeck, Scott Beckwith, Philippe Briant, James T. Johnson, Adrie Kwakernaak.

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